Monday, September 23, 2013

Back on the grid!

It is time that we get back on the grid!! Life has been well..... kinda crazy this last year. So here is a recap and a few pictures:

December: Eric graduated chiropractic school, we moved to Charlotte on christmas eve, had a wonderful christmas with the Thomas Empire, drove to Washington DC for my sister Mariah's weeding then back the next day for a reception, and the next day we flew to Hawaii.

January: We spent the last part of December and the month of January in Hawaii. Happy graduation to US!!!! We did some island hopping and spent some time on Oahu and Kawai. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!  It was so fun going back to the places that we lived, and hitting all of our favorite spots where we fell in love. We spent everyday falling more in love with each other and the islands. We soaked up all the sun, sand, salt water, and island spirit that we could. 

February: We finally got back to the mainland and got the best news ever. WE ARE PREGNANT! As most of you know already we had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years trying all kinds of fertility treatments. We stopped everything back in November knowing that life was just to crazy with graduation, moving and vacations to make it to the doctors all the time. So I guess all this time the things we needed most was some sun, salt water, and relaxing. (I have always told Eric that salt water cures everything. We should have taken a trip to Hawaii a long time ago!) We are so beyond excited!

March/April: Eric studied his brains out for the last part of National Boards and the NC State exam. (Which he passed all of them with great scores might I add... so proud of him!) As for me.... I was just pucking my brains out. Morning sickness (or in my case all freaking day sickness) hit me like a ton of bricks. I was sooooooo beyond sick it was all I could do just to sit on the couch and on the bathroom floor. I was doing really well if I could take a shower, and keep down my prenatal vitamin for more than an hour. I lost about 20lbs because I couldn't keep anything down it really sucked. At about 21 weeks I started to feel better and feel human again and got re-excited about the pregnancy. We also celebrated 7 years of marriage this month!! ( We really just sat on the couch and watched a movie and Eric gave me the best present ever.... he scrubbed the bathroom and toilet really really good.)

May: Eric was still waiting for all of his test scores and state license number so we decided because I was feeling better to go to California for a  month and spend time with family. We were able to spend some time with Kara (Eric's sister) before she left for her mission in the Philippines. It was really nice to be there for a month and visit with everyone and not feel rushed. I got to spend my birthday there too which we so fun! The ladies in the family threw me a super cute baby shower. My awesome sister in law Sarah got me these amazing cakes for my birthday and shower!!! I have never had cakes that looked and tasted sooo good! We also spent a week in Las Vegas. I spent a lot of time at the pool and it was amazing. It was bitter sweet coming home we miss our family in CA so much and wish that we could see them more often.

June: Finally after waiting what seemed like forever Eric got his state license and everything that he needed to start work! He started work at the beginning of the month. (Way to go Dr. Strebel I am so proud of you!!) We took another vacation up in the Smoky Mountains with my family it was a ton of fun. When we got back I it took me like a week to unpack all our bags from all our trips!! 

July/ August: Eric is working hard doing his doctor thing and I am working hard making a baby. The original plan was that I would get a job when we moved to Charlotte, but I was so sick and we went out of town so much time just passed and before we knew it here I am 7 months pregnant!! So knowing that not many people were going to hire me at this point and Eric is such a good husband working so hard I get to be a "lady of leisure" for a while. I have just been able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy going to pregnancy classes, lots of walking, reading my pregnancy and parenting books, getting some extra rest, organizing the babies room, and doing all the crafts I want. 

{28 weeks}
So that brings us to September: So here were are baby due on the 27th and time is flying by. Last week we spent a week at the beach and it was heavenly!! I guess we kinda started the whole baby journey at the beach so it was only appropriate to end it the same way (although I was rocking a 9 month baby bump on the beach this time). Eric carved a hole in the sand for my belly so I could lay on my stomach for a while and it felt ohh sooo good. Again there is something about the sun, sand, and salt water that cures everything I almost forgot about being pregnant and uncomfortable.  We got home and I have just a little over a week until this baby boy is here... so it is time to get everything in order and actually pack my hospital bag. 


That's the update of whats been going on with us. We feel so blessed in so many ways and are excited for each day and all the future has in store for us. 


  1. Yay, I love the update, and I'm so excited for you baby to make his appearance!! Good luck this week. Miss you guys!

  2. Great update! Looking forward to seeing you both and especially little Junior.

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